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Posted by Dr. Kay Wayman on January 30, 2013 at 6:35 PM

Romans 5:1

Becoming a Christian has enormous consequences. Relationships are changed; we are given privileges; we look at life differently; our resources are inexhaustible.  How do we receive all of this?  Paul makes it clear: through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our relationships are changed: we have peace with God.  When we are at odds with God, inner peace eludes us.  Becoming a Christian necessitates being made right with God, and what a difference it makes!  Peace with God is enough to sing about.

We are given privileges: we have access by faith into God's very presence.  Once we knew only hostility; now we are invited into the King's presence.  Once we were outside; now we are welcome inside.  Access.  What are you doing with the privilege of coming into God's presence? We look at life differently: we can be joyful even when facing the hard things that come into our lives.  We know life isn't purposeless.  God is taking the stuff of our lives and making something good out of it.  We are on our way somewhere.  God wants to get us ready for heaven.  Our joy is real because we know we will one day share the glory of God.

Our resources are inexhaustible: God keeps pouring His love into our heart. He not only makes us feel very loved, but He is so generous in His supply that we have an overflow of love for other people.  He gives us the Holy Spirit, who not only transforms our thinking, but makes God's love real to us.

Our trouble begins when we forget these great realities and concentrate on our inadequacies, our fears, and all the other manifestations of our smallness.  The proof of God's love is that Jesus Christ died for us.  We are no longer shivering outside in the cold with no credentials to come before the King.  Jesus has invited us into His very presence and has given us all we need and more besides.  This passage in Romans 5 is a renewed invitation to take advantage of our privileges as child of the King.:)

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