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Dr. Kay Wayman
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What is the grace of God?  The grace of God says we serve God because we're saved, not in order to be saved.  We love people because we're saved, and not in order to be saved.  We're not trying to keep a legalistic system, we're responding to a system of love and peace.

What is grace?  It's what someone gives us out of the goodness of his heart, not out of the perfection of ours.  The story of grace is the good news that says that when we come, He gives.  That's what grace is.

Grace is a pleasant surprise.  Grace is a kind gesture.  Grace is something we did not expect.  It is something we certainly could never earn.  But grace is something we'd never turn down.

We know what happens when someone sees the grace of God?  When somebody really tastes the forgiving and liberating grace of God?  Someone who tastes God's grace is the hardest worker, the most morally pure individual, and the person most willing to forgive.

Always remember that Jesus says, "My grace is deeper than your sins."

FATHER, how holy and great is your promise.  You've been so good to us, but somehow,  FATHER, we find things about which to complain even though we've been given life eternal.  Renew our vision; help us to see heaven.  Help us to be busy about the right business...the business of serving YOU.  AMEN.




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